Hello there. Anna here! Glad that you dropped by my blog. On the 5th of June 2008 I officially became a wife to a wonderful oh so wonderful husband! Yeay, the reception was on 7th June, 2008. What a beautiful evening it was. *smiles to herself* Ahem.. anyways, I created this blog as a journal of my own wedding to share with everyone. From the preparations, pre-wedding, post wedding, and the wedding day of course.

I'm hoping that this blog would be useful to other brides-to-be out there, yes grooms too, but brides tend to be a little more excited than guys out there, no? I'll include links to other wedding related websites, and entries with tips, interesting wedding ideas from the theme, cakes, invites, dresses, so on and so forth. Basically, anything and everything related to weddings.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hantaran tunang / engagement gifts, wedding favors.

As mentioned in my previous blog, I'll be posting photos of the hantaran. So, some of you might be wondering what in the world is hantaran? Well, in Malay customs, be it an engagement, or a wedding, the bride and groom would exchange trays of gifts. Yes trays, where the gifts are usually placed on dulang pahar, which is a metal tray with a stand. Pretty much like a cupcake stand but minus the tiers. Which then we would place cloths over them, then we place the gifts on top of them. Like you see in these two set of photos. The brown set (my friend Tiah did), would be the ones that I gave to the guy, while the peach are front he guys side to me. This was during our engagement. We would do the same for our wedding as well.

In our custom tradition, the gifts are in odd numbers. And the girls would give an extra two, for instance if the guys gives 5 trays, the girl would in return give 7, and if the guy gives 7, the girls gives 9, so on and so forth. And there would be a number of must items to be placed, such as the ring, some sweets perhaps a cake, or these days, cupcakes, bunga rampai or potpourri.

Bunga Bunga means flower and rampai means assortmants, bunga rampai would be a traditional version of the potpourri, but it uses fresher ingredients, where we cut up pandan leaves which has a naturally lovely aroma, and we chop up flowers as well, to add in to the smell and colors, usually roses, jasimines and we also add a few drops of perfume.

Other than that, we would need the sireh junjung, which is a bouquet of a certain type of leaf called daun sireh, and then theres these white chalks known as kapur shaped into a flower as well as these brown and white striped things called pinang, and then dark brown ones, known as gambir, then also tembakau (tobacco) which has been rolled up. And some also would put cinnamon sticks as well, and a few other spices here and there. Below here is the zoomed in shots of the bunga rampai and sireh junjung.

The other gifts pretty much depends on whatever you want to give, either some garments, shoes, belts, bags, perfume, so on and so forth. As for the wedding hantaran, it's pretty much the same things. There are those who even have given techy stuff like mobile phones, pdas, and even Play Station for the guys. There isn't really that much restriction to the gifts you want to give.

Alrite, so what's it gonna be for the wedding hantaran. It's still not done, but we've already the dulang pahar and the fabric to put on it. It's two layers of cloth. The top one is a blue lace with blue satin, and with some crystals dangling at the edges, and the one below is just a plain blue satin cloth, with some lace at the edges. Below here is a close up shot and full shot of it.

Here are the wedding favors that all of the guests will be receiving. It'll be placed in a paper bag, which isn't done yet. Anyways, each guest will get one of those egg shaped porcelain thing which will have an egg inside (eggs are a custom tradition to give to guests), and another one of those porcelain containers. Either one out of those 4 shapes. Haven't really decide what to put in them yet. It will most probably be either chocolates, or little tiny biscuits dipped in chocolates with blue rice sprinkles on them, which will be made by my buddy Tiah again. She's super talented, she'll be doing my make-up too. So if the choc biscuits turn out good, both how it looks and of course the taste, will definitely go for it. Mmmh mmmh mhhh. And if it's really really good, we will also sell it off under our little business called CHOCO♥lah.

Ohh, and together with the wedding hantaran, there will be a decorative flower thing-a-ma-jig called as bunga gim, it's a wire mesh that's shaped into a flower. For my engagement, I had bunga dip, uhh, dipped flowers, kinda looks glassy, but it's really some clear liquid where you dip a wire frame that you shape into a flower or a leaf. I'll definitely put the pictures of the bunga gim up when the lady we ordered it from has completed making them. I'm sure it'll look beautiful. Anyways, that's about it for this entry.

Later, much love {ANNA}


ami___ said...

wahhh! so nice la the bunga telur.. cantik and i love your lapik untuk hantaran. nicely done anna :)

chocolah is nyum i see! but i don't have myspace (anymore) :/

Sue Anna Joe said...


Huhu, my sister-in-law tolong carikkan the bunga telur. And the lapik my uh sedara's idea. Everyones so helpful. Then my mums friend yang tolong jahitkan the alas lapik.

Yeah, our myspace pon kinda like dead, so we're planning to do up a blog as well.

Akira said...

For me, flowers are the best ever gift & love their shopping from 1800Flowers.

Carol said...

Hi Anna

Very interesting,cute blog.
Love the pictures

TooooTs said...

Oh Anna! This blog is brilliant! I'm getting married in a year's time and am already panicking, looking for Malaysian wedding sites, ideas etc etc! Your page is a real life saver!!!

Congrats on your soon to come wedding day!!!

max said...

i couldn't read all that of course :P ..
but i can see that you're against al lthe odds when people usually panic at times like this you're really excited .. thats good to see :D ..
well, congratulations anna

starstar said...

sue ..
i ske lar u punyer hantran mase pertunangn tuh..

i link u yerk.

ein said...

This is soo weird. I somehow stumbled on your page at deviantart and here i am terjumpa ur BLOG pulak! first, you are talented. I love your pixies!!! and second CONGRATULATIONS! Third, im getting married in a year and SOOOO BLUR on what to do, so, I really loved your wedding blog! *huggles* congratulations again on being a MRS! :P XD

n u r i d r i n said...

just nk congrates!
selamat pengantin baru eyh!
happy 4 you!

PinkPanthress said...

Really interesting to look at, now I am waiting for the first Honeymoon pix on this blog and maybe sometimes later a Baby pic spamage??? ;)

Congrats on your wedding, once more.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

hi anna =) bumped into ur blog and i immediately fell in love with it =)

i must say ur hantaran for ur hubby is very very very nice! i love brown so much, and i cant think of other color to be the theme of my engagement very soon.

neways, congrats on ur wedding :)

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